Mosquito Control

Mosquito control helps regulate the population of mosquitoes. Mosquito control programs are run almost everywhere by different organizations, and if you’re dealing with an infestation on your property, you need to handle them with the same diligence. Mosquitoes can spread malaria, West Nile virus, and the Zika virus.

One way to eliminate mosquitoes on your property is through spraying. Spraying mosquito treatment involves inspecting your lawn and spraying your property regularly with a mosquito control substance. During the treatment, you’re spraying your lawn with insecticides. You’ll need to do this consistently over time. The method of spraying is effective and affordable for eliminating mosquitoes. People are used to this kind of pest control because it has been in existence for some time.

Depending on your situation, source reduction, larviciding, biocontrol, or adulticiding are used to manage populations of mosquitoes. These can be achieved using pesticides, habitat modification, biological control agents, and trapping. Source reduction is a somewhat easy method since mosquitoes breed in standing water.

Source reduction involves emptying water from pools and containers lying around your home. You’ll also need to target other mosquito breeding grounds on your property, removing old tires, unused plastic pools, and baskets. Eliminating mosquito-breeding areas can help remove mosquitoes from your property.

New strategies for mosquito treatment are emphasizing ‘Integrated Vector Management’ (IVM). It reinforces connections between your health and the immediate environment. Vector Management is still evolving in terms of how it can be used to handle home infestations and removal. IVM strategies are designed in a way that they achieve the greatest mosquito control, but in an affordable way. Similarly, they avoid causing a negative impact on the environment.

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