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Termites are extremely destructive insects. They chew through wood, cardboard, furniture, and anything made from wood or paper material. The presence of these colony-dwelling insects can really give you some sleepless nights. Whether your home is infested with dry-wood termites or subterranean termites, you need a termite exterminator to detect and remove the pests right away.

Termite Exterminator

You might be tempted to try using chemicals and natural remedies to remove the pests on your own, but special training and use of equipment are necessary to fully remove them. Unlike other pests that can be exterminated using easily available chemicals or natural products, termites require a trained and experienced termite exterminator for removal.

A professional termite technician performs a thorough, expert termite inspection to determine the best termite removal method for your particular infestation. Be careful when finding a termite exterminator, as you’ll come across many individuals and companies advertising their services and not all of them provide the highest quality work.

Ask for valid certifications and licenses to evaluate a technician’s expertise. Good referrals from your family and friends can help you find trustworthy and experienced pest control professionals.

5 Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termite infestations can go unnoticed until well established. Pest control professionals are trained to detect the early stages of an infestation. It is, therefore, imperative to get a termite inspection done on your home both before purchasing and on a regular schedule after. You should also regularly inspect your home to look out for signs of the presence of a termite colony. These signs include:

Visible Termite Tubes or Subterranean Tunnels – Termites build soil tubes at night to protect themselves from dehydrating or predator attacks. If you spot these tubes on walls and foundations, seek termite removal services.

Blowholes in Plants – Are there visible holes on your plants, especially trees? Termites, especially the subterranean type, form colonies on trees. A hollow sounding stud in wood is also a warning sign for the need of termite inspection and removal.

Accumulated Earthen Packing – Earthen packing on foundations, surfaces, walls or near joints indicate your home could be under termite attack. Call for an immediate pest inspection, as termites can destroy your home with alarming speed.

Audible Termite Noises – Termites make noises as they excavate wooden materials. These noises indicate an already well-established infestation and the need to take action.

Presence of Termite Wings – Termite wings easily detach from their bodies. If you spot wings on basements, along foundations, or near your furniture, that’s a sign of termite infestation, which calls for immediate inspection and treatment.

Termite Inspection & Removal

In order to fully rid your home of termites, you need the services of a pest control company specializing in termite removal. A termite technician can inspect the situation to figure out the kind of termite on your premises. Inspection results determine the kind of treatment most effective for termite exterminator Westminster CA.

Depending on the kind of termite and extent of attack, a pest control professional can choose any of the following removal techniques to eliminate termites from your home:

Liquid Treatment – Liquid containing a chemical poison is applied to termite infested areas to kill them. It might also be spread around the area surrounding your home to prevent future attacks.

Bait Treatment – This is the best method to use for eliminating an entire termite colony. The bait is in the form of wood and acts to attract termites to a slow-killing chemical. The termites carry the poison back to the nest, killing the entire colony.

Termites are extremely destructive, which means you must take preventive measures to protect your home from attack. Keep your home dry, and store wood on raised ground away from your house.

Treat wood with an anti-termite chemical to protect your home from these destructive insects. Insurance companies do not cover termite damage. Therefore, you should conduct regular termite inspection tests and budget for termite inspection and removal services prior to buying a home.

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