My day In Westminster CA

Westminster, CA is an interesting place to be; with many Vietnamese culture attractions. If you’re interested in learning about Vietnamese food, styles, and design this is the place to go.


The night festival is the main attraction here. Going on between June and September, so I would suggest you go during those months.


 At night little Saigon lights up; with many different shops to eat, drink, and laugh to your heart’s content.


Many people here speak Vietnamese as their main language. If you’re from Vietnam or know Vietnamese. Westminster is a great place to learn better language skills or mingle.


 This mostly Asian influenced area is a treat for those looking to experience Asian culture, but not take the full dive into an Asian country.


One of the best places to go in Westminster is the Asian Garden Mall also known as Phước Lộc Thọ Mall. In Vietnamese meaning happiness, prosperity, and longevity.


 In fact, this is the first mall built by the Vietnamese people who immigrated from South Vietnam during the 70s. You would be hard-pressed not to think you were in Vietnam once entering the mall. Making this a perfect addition to the area’s culture.


I would definitely suggest a visit to Westminster, CA at some point.


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